Fail AppleTV Gen 3 stream with certain mkv files via airplay

Hi, been trying the app as pro user with an AppleTV 3. So far so good, except for certain MKV files aka «mHD» or «HDlight», for which no stream is possible although they play nicely on the iPad. I thought it was an AppleTV problem but I tried succesfully the same files with a different streaming app (AirFlow). Any idea about why this is happening with infuse ?

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First, do you mean an Apple TV 3 or do you mean 4 or 4K? Second, you say you’re trying the app as a pro user, did you purchase the stand alone pro version from the app store or did you download the free version and then do an in app subscription?

If you did an in app subscription on the iPad you may have to click the restore on the ATV copy to get the pro features. They also have to be on the same icloud account and apple ID to share unless you set up family sharing.

thx for your reply.

  • I did mean Apple TV 3 (so without native infuse app for it, I have to stream the movies from the iPad)
  • for now I wanted to test the app, so indeed I downloaded the free version and paid for one month to see if it is working for me, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the case…

I guess your last paragraph doesn’t apply to my use case, since the apple TV 3 do not have an Infuse copy that can be restored ?

What happens when you try to play these videos over AirPlay?

Do either of these tips help?

Thx, your link did help a bit: now instead of the video being stuck as described there, it is advancing seemingly at random, somehow a bit too quick, with glitches and green flash

If you have the time, could you run one of the movies that is giving you the most problem through mediainfo and post the results here?

Also, what model number iPad are you using?

ok thx: As an example, this one refuses to load like, at all. this one loads with the weirdness aforementioned.


  • appleTV 3rd gen (A1427) on apple TV software 7.6.1
  • iPad air 2 on IOS 14.2

(sry about late answer)