Factory Restore after using SeasonPass. Restored to 4.1.1? Or most recent?

I bought an AppleTV, with version 4.1.1 on it.  I used Seasonpass to unTethered JB it, and installed XBMC and a bunch of other things.

I now want to restore it back to Factory Settings. 

If I go to the RESET menu on the appletv, will that restore it back to 4.1.1, or will it download, and restore it to the most recent version?

I don’t want the most recent version.  I want version 4.1.1 back, because I want to Jailbreak over again from scratch.

So, question is… will it always restore to the version that it came with? 4.1.1, Or does it just restore to the most recent available version? (which would make the device not able to do a Untethered JB)