Factory reset necessary??

purchased my atv flash today and had no probs while creating the patch stick.
I tried to run the stick on the atv, but there was no response.
I’m not sure, if the stick is working or not. Right now i’m not at home, due to my job i’m sitting in a hotel room.
I cannot connect my atv to the net, just my macbook, that’s the reason, why I#m not able to reset the atv to factory conditions, because i can not update it proper.
Is atv only able to recognize the stick after resetting it?? or should it react already, when the stick ist put into the atv??
Is it a stick problem?? or the reset prob??
thanks for further information!!!

It will not recognize until it is plugged in - and the apple tv is fully rebooted. so - u could unplug the power cord. plug in the flash drive. plug the power back on ’ and it SHOULD start the install process. but if you can’t see its output on a tv screen then you won’t know if it is successful and is telling you to restart and remove the flash drive etc…

if your unit is sitting there powered on - and you place the ATV install drive in - nothing will happen.

thnaks for the reply…

I did it that way, i plugged the hdmi cable into the hotel tv and saw everything like at home. then i depowered the atv, plugged the stick into and repowered the atv.
nothin happens. i tried it, while the atv was running, to reset it with "-“and"menu” for 6 seconds. the box reboots and asked me for the question, again the stick wasn’t recognized.
I read that secription already in the how-to-guide.
but my question was, is it necessary, to reset the atv to factory settings?? i can only reset it then but in the hotel i’m not able to update the atv after the reset…

the apple tv MUST have update 2.1 installed prior to the ATV Flash installed. So -if your factory restore will re-load update 2.0 - then that is not the way to go.

but - the Apple TV SHOULD boot off of the USB flash - no matter what version of software is installed. Mine will boot off my flash drive if i have version 2, or 2.1 installed…

It is sounding like an incompatible flash drive… :cry:

allright, that answered all my qustions, thank you for the information…
i will try another stick tomorrow!!! and by the way, i will be able for the update again tomorrow :smiley: