EyeTV with NitoTV doesn't work after upgrade 4.0.5

My EyeTV doesn’t worked anymore since I have upgrade ATV to 4.0.5 :frowning:
The EyeTV software doesn’t start anymore…
I saw message in console regarding IOSound…

Thanks for any help.

Unfortunately EyeTV is not supported on the 3.0+ AppleTV software.


EyeTV wasn’t supported before and It worked !

Your reply Gardianmax doesn’t help anybody here !


EyeTV did work on the 2.x AppleTV software, however it does not run on the 3.x software.

Will there be any chance it will work again? Ans is there some time table?

I have success with eyeTV version 3.0.1. EyeTV maintains versions in their archive.

Have eyeTV running. Go to a browser window and open


I am able to download the (legacy version) of eyeTV. Then copy the app to frontrow/applications on the AppleTV. I have aTV Flash version 4.1.1 installed and AppleTV has OS version 3.0.2.