EyeTV will not launch

I have been running EyeTV 3.01 on my ATV1 for a year or so, with few problems.


However I recently had to do a factory reset of the ATV, updated the ATV software, reinstalled ATVFlash (latest version), ran the smart updater, copied over a fresh copy of EyeTV301 from the installation disk via SSH, did the sudo mount -uw / command and then launched the eyetv app…  nothing.  My ATV showed the Apple logo and did nothing else.  Pressing the menu button got me back to the applications menu, but I just cannot get EyeTv to launch.


Any ideas as to what might be the problem





Unfortunately the EyeTV app is not supported on the latest 3.0.2 Apple TV software.

If I recall correctly, the latest version that supported it was Apple TV 2.4 (but it may have been the version before that).

A quick upate:


I managed to get EYETV 3.01 running OK with the latest apple software for ATV1 and latest version of ATVflash.  Only strangeness is that the smart installer only updated the system to 10.4.7 instead of 10.4.9


I did have to do at least two factory resets along the way, but the current configuration has been up & running OK for 2 months now



So if your installation of EYETV doesnt work properly (such as incomplete app launch) consider a factory reset (or two) before giving up completely!