EyeTV support for AppleTV 2



Do you plan any kind of EyeTV support in aTV Flash for black AppleTV? One idea for starters would be to use "EyeTV Live3G"-site in a web browser to browse TV-shows and channels. That way you can watch live TV or recordings in an iPad or iPhone so maybe it could be done in AppleTV too...


More info about Live3G webapp: http://www.elgato.com/elgato/int/mainmenu/products/software/EyeTV-app.en.html


Free Web app

Live3G is a stripped-down version of the EyeTV app which enables you to stream live television over a 3G connection to an iPhone and iPad. Elgato’s Live3G web app runs in the Safari browser on your iPhone so you can watch live TV and EyeTV recordings anywhere. It’s free, and it’s a good way to test your router’s compatibility before buying the EyeTV app.

The free Live3G web app is available at https://live3g.eyetv.com.

HTTP Live Streaming

The EyeTV software running on your Mac converts live TV to the correct format for streaming to the iPhone and iPad, ensuring optimal picture quality.

EyeTV software and both apps use the HTTP streaming standard developed by Apple. This takes advantage of the iPhone’s and iPad's hardware acceleration to deliver the highest possible playback quality and longer battery life.



I recently bought an ATV Black to go with my ATV White and also bought EyeTV. I’m very interested in finding the best way for them to stream content from a shared NAS. aTV Flash was a huge step forward for me and I anxiously await what Fire Core will bring for us to the ATV Black camp.


Now this would be something! I would love to be able to watch live tv and my EyeTV recordings via AppleTV.

yep, this would be awesome too!

JB my iPad and can Airplay EyeTV to aTV2- actually works great but you cant lock or exit out of the eyetv app. Nevertheless a good option until EyeTV support is on aTV. 


JB my iPad and can Airplay EyeTV to aTV2- actually works great but you cant lock or exit out of the eyetv app. Nevertheless a good option until EyeTV support is on aTV. 



I don't exactly understand what you mean, could you please describe in a bit more detail?




Hi there,

I tried to access EyeTV Live 3G with CouchSurfer but it doesn't work. The homepage is shown and I can log on. Afterwards, i see two entries ("Live" and "Movies") but I cannot select one of those. If I access EyeTV Live 3G from a MacBook, it works fine. E.g. when i select "Live", my TV channels are shown and I can watch Live TV. Maybe it's a format issue since Couchsurfer only supports HTML5. Does anybody know which format EyeTV Live 3G uses?





JB my iPad and can Airplay EyeTV to aTV2- actually works great but you cant lock or exit out of the eyetv app. Nevertheless a good option until EyeTV support is on aTV. 



I don't exactly understand what you mean, could you please describe in a bit more detail?






If you jailbreak your iPad (or iPhone I imagine, haven't tried it), and enable 3rd party airplay via the allPlay or airvideoenabler packages, you can airplay live tv via the eyeTV ipad app to an AppleTV2. The catch is the only jailbreak for 4.2 (which is required for airplay) is tethered, which means you need to attach the iPad or iPhone to your computer everytime you reset it, which for me hasn't been an issue at all. 


Word is AirPlay works much better with 3rd Party apps on the iPhone than the iPad.


Has there been any developments on this? Is it being looked at as a future feature?
The ability to use EyeTV from my appleTV is the last piece of functionality I need (along with many other users I’m sure!) to allow me to move my macmini away from the tv and into a closet for server duties while making the appleTV the perfect home theater appliance…

Support for streaming EyeTV recordings to the AppleTV2 was added in the recent update for Couch Surfer Pro.

Live TV streaming is supported as well, but it needs a bit of fine tuning.

A short video demo of this feature in action can be found here.

Oke, that makes me buying aTV Flash black.


Excellent - me too... just bought atv flash.... couch surfer pro is worth every penny...

Looking forward to the tweaks - it's still at bit beta...

Just tried the live EyeTV with the latest beta.  It seems to work reasonably well, but obviously things like changing channels via CouchSurfer interface are extremely painful.


What would be a killer is someone developed a custom ATV2 app for EyeTV, specifically focusing on live TV streaming.  Streaming pre-recorded shows is already simple enough via automated iTunes library import function…  But getting proper live TV support on ATV2 would be a nirvana for a lot of geeks who feel ATV2 should support regular live TV :slight_smile:

If you enable the 'Remote Navigation' feature through the Browser --> Settings menu it should make navigating the EyeTV interface much easier.

Remote Navigation disables the cursor, and allows you to quickly scroll through the available links on a page, highlighting them as you go.

Remote Navigation is used in the EyeTV demo found here: http://vimeo.com/22406949

This do work a bit better, and will do for now.

The quality settings seem to return to “default” everytime I start the browser ? any tricks ?

 I tried adding https://live3g.eyetv.com to the browser but it won’t accept the S… as it doesn’t let you back space… any ideas?


Hi, any plans to be able to play raw eyetv files (just recordings vs live tv)?  I can get the web (couch surfer) interface working but as eyetv optimises the files for playback on iphones etc the res is pretty poor.  I also know you can export to itunes but that takes hours for a show recorded off an HD channel.  Would be a really cool feature and turn ATV Flash into a killer solution to replace the PVR.  Use Eyetv to record to a NAS and then ATV to play on the TV even if your MAC is turned off…

ps Anyone know of a way around this?  I heard we may be able to do something with Plex and I see that media player can be installed on the ATV?  

Is there a way to play unconverted recordings? I have eye connect if upnp is an option.

Has anyone tried it in xbmc?


Hi, after trawling a few forums I found a way to support raw eyetv recording playback.  Its a bit fiddly to do but it seems to work.  

You need to install the Plex ATV2 media client on your ATV and the Plex Media Server on your mac.  You will then have to add some custom files to the Plex media server as described here: http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/17054-eyetv-plex-9/page__st__140

btw What I have found is normal def content plays fine, however HD recordings do buffer during playback (no doubt due to the massive file sizes).

btw I was really impressed by the Plex ATV client.  Very slick… Hopefully the Firecore guys can produce a similar interface for their player.  The downside of the Plex is you need the media server running for it all to work (i.e no direct NAS steaming).

Good Luck.


A smart guy is developping an Eyetv plugin for plex (with live streaming and recordings viewing). For the moment, this plugins only works with the MacOSX Plex Client but the developper intends to extend it to iDevices (inc. Apple TV2).

I think this plugins is very promising for Apple TV2 via Plex.

For further information or to support the developper in his beta tests, go to : http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/27784-eyetv-live-streaming/page__hl__eyetv__st__60