EyeTV Sat and Apple TV

I am very interested in buying an EyeTV Sat box, a real alternative to the lack of freesat boxes available in the UK. Apparently it works really well on the Mac, recording and streaming Live TV at the same time. I think, I understand that ATV Flash allows EyeTV to work on Apple TV, but does it, as I have heard nor seen any success stories. Could someone shed some light on this and answer this question: Can Apple TV support EyeTV (and more specifically sat) to Stream or Record live TV? Or is it more of a case of Recording it on your mac and synchronising it over?

Any help is much appreciated.

(ATV Flash is great, but the developers aren’t very clear about anything).

Just as a further note, if you haven’t been able to get EyeTV working, then please post to say share your experiences.


I installed eyetv version 3.1.2 build 5244 today on my mac, copied it to the app folder of my atv, launched it and …

“This Version of EyeTV needs Mac OS 10.4.11 or higher”