EyeTv files (*.eyetv)

Where or how I can I put these files so they will play somewhere within AtvFlash? Sometimes, I feel somewhat lazy, and I don’t convert my files to Apple TV format.
I know that the great flexibility that you get when using ATV Flash, is being able to play many file types, and one of those mentioned is .eyetv files.

You can follow the guide below to transfer and play the files through the nitoTV → Files menu.

Thanks for your answer. I had already transfered other files via the FTP method, but not the actual eyetv files. So I will try it this time with a few eyetv files. Thanks

Sorry to say, that after transferring my EyeTV file via FTP, I was NOT able to play the mpeg file that gets created after an EyeTV recording. There was an iPhone related file
that had been part of the folder also, which was able to be played (it was created when I gave the EyeTV software to create file suitable for my iPhone).
I thought that ATVFlash could handle the mpeg that came as a result of a recording from EyeTV. I have seen mention of people trying to hook up their actual EyeTV hardware
, however this is not what I was trying to accomplish. The link provided by GuardianMax is only helpful for someone trying to figure out how and where to place movies, but
does not elaborate on the types that you can put in there.

Which menu are you using to play the .eyetv files? Currently, nitoTV is the only application that will be able to play them.

As per your link in your previous reply, I dragged in my EyeTV file into Movies via FTP. I am 99% sure that I tried to play the file from NitoTV- Files area, and type of file
was not acceptable, after clicking to play the file (mpeg 3GB file),it rejects and I can’t press previous or go to menu to try something else, and eventually had to do a reset, to try again. Do you happen to know by chance what kind of exact file the NitoTV is playing when , as you say, it is playing an EyeTV file?

Is it the mpeg that is produced as a result of the recorded program that is recognized and played from NitoTV? Perhaps there is a plugin that I didn’t
update or install, even though I am pretty sure that I have done all that.
Will try again tonight (If I can get my wife to stop watching Dancing with the Stars!)

I did see a forum item that talked about Share Streaming this afternoon, so I will also check that out.

I have noticed quite a few posts now regarding playing back EyeTV files. Seems like it is a popular subject, and yet unresolved… Funny thing is, I am sort of surprised that Nito can’t handle the mpeg file that is produced from EyeTV…because… I am pretty sure that at one point, I had gone to my Mac to play one of these recordings, saw that had been recorded as an mpeg (surprise surprise (not apple format), and through various plugins on my Mac, got treated like a regular mpeg for playback. Now, I know there are other mpeg formats that exist, but I thought that Nito could handle mpegs, and I am pretty sure that I have other mpegs in my my Movie file that do get recognized, and do play.

I am playing EyeTV files on my AppleTV. I have eyeTV version 3.0.1 installed since later versions do not work with AppleTV 3.0.2 and aTV Flash 4.1.1.

I got the older version of EyeTV by using the link:


You may be required to have eyeTV.app running in order to complete the download. Install eyetv vs. 3.0.1 in frontrow/applications. This plays the eyeTV files for me.

Good luck. I use the schedules of eyetv and the AppleTV works as a personal digital recorder for me. Of course, you neet an antenna for it to play/record live TV.

Thanks Mdtest, I will keep my newest version on my Mac, because I have so many other things tied in to the latest EYEtv software, unless, you were trying to say that you just download the Eyetv software 3.02 just to put on the AppleTV, and not to replace the newest Eyetv version that I have installed on my Mac. When I click on the older version of EyeTV that
was posted, I get this " The new version you are about to download and install is older than your current one. Do you really want to downgrade? " If I were to proceed, what would happen? Would I be able to save to install the App in Frontrow? or would I be overwriting my installed version on my Mac with the old version?

Yes!! I was trying to be brief. MY BAD.

Download eyeTV version 3.0.1 to your desktop. It took a bit of courage to accept the warning about the downgrade. I still have the latest eyeTV on my MacBook Pro. Then copy the version 3.0.1 to the frontorw/Applications folder on the AppleTV.

Reboot the AppleTV … use Nito to launch eyeTV. Version 3.0.1 works well for me. It is not as responsive on the AppleTV as eyeTV 3.3.3 on the MacBook Pro. I am able to use the remote which is included with my Elgato EyeTV Plus 250. I have installed Chicken of VNC which allows me to use the MBP instead of the remote. It has the advantage of letting my use the MBP’s keyboard, replacing a USB keyboard.

(Warning: the screen is updated about once a second on Chicken of VNC, so the experience is a bit strange.)

Thanks for your update on how to put eyetv into Front Row. Perhaps one final question before I attempt. After you download EyeTv 3.02, what do you end up putting in the applications folder? a .dmg file? an .app file? or do you click on a .dmg file that you direct to go into the Applications file? Thanks for your answer . I look forward to it. Then I will try it.
I hope it is worth it. Are there any other benefits from having the EyeTV in there besides being opening up EyeTV files?

I downloaded eyeTV version 3.0.1. Version 3.0.2 doesn’t work with my installation. I don’t know why.

I mounted the eyetv.dmg on my MBP and saved the eyetv.app to my desktop. Then I copied the application (eyetv.app) to the frontrow/applications. Cyberduck shows a part of the frontrow directory.

[attachment=0]frontrow directory.png[/attachment]

It is a major improvement for me as I use AppleTV as a TiVo replacement. Of course I must use the USB tuner with my AppleTV instead of my laptop. If I leave the house I can take the tuner with my laptop and use the latest version of eyeTV.

I hope it works well for you.

Version Tracker will make it easy to get any version of eyeTV.


Thanks, I will at least give that a try by getting the app into Front Row. I probably won’t end up getting the tuner on to my USB, because #1, I already have aUSB mouse /keyboard in the USB. I will soon get a usb Hub, so as I can accomodate a USB External drive also. Unless I find a very cheap Eyetv tuner, I will leave mine in my main desktop mac. Too complicated to move it back and forth . I see that you have to pay $79 with that link that you sent to me, unless I can download, and use my current serial # ? I also tried downloading the 3.01 link started downloading, but couldn’t get it to actually save to desktop. It was going to install the update/downgrade… I download,then Popup says Ready to Install, and Install and Relaunch. There is no option at all to save it to your desktop

I was wrong about the Version Tracker link … it routed me to the eyeTV web site.

I would make a copy of your eyeTV application as a backup. Then I would go back to the link posted above, that is,


Then downgrade (download) the version 3.0.1. This may replace your current version – you can check the version of eyeTV after the downgrade. I renamed mine as eyeTV 3.0.1 so I could easily separate the app from the version 3.3. This is the one which gets transferred to the AppleTV.

I didn’t keep a journal of all my mistakes so I may have sent you in the wrong direction. I apologize. You are close now … it’s worth finishing the job!

Looks like that previous download link worked, and actually saved the folder/update to my Desktop. I shouldn’t have any problem putting the App into Front Row now. The download does say EyeTV 3.0.1 (3545), so I wonder if this label Update will work when installed in the Front Row. By the way, right now, I dug up my original CD Eyetv software, it says it is version 3.0 so a little while ago, I put that version from my CD into Front Row. Now I don’t know whether I should replace 3.0 in Front Row, by the 3.0.1 update? By the way, what about the question of serial number or activation when in Apple TV… Will I need that?

By the way, tried any other apps by putting them into Front Row that aren’t included in aTV Flash?

I tried versions 3.0 and 3.0.2. I thought one of those worked with nitoTV (appleTV) but if so, they worked erratically. I only have confidence in version 3.0.1.

Yes, you will need to enter the registration code into the frontrow copy of eyeTV. I had to use the keyboard from my iMac to connect to the AppleTV via the USB port. Later on I found I could use my laptop by running (free) Chicken of VNC. Connect Chicken to frontrow@appletv.local. Then you can enter the registration code using your Mac.

[color=#0000FF]I have my eyeTV files on my external USB drive. Nito has been playing them without issue so far. Probably watched 2 -3 hours a various family movies so far. :D[/color]

You lucky devil. I never could get my own serial # (or activation #) recognized in the Eyetv setup, so I couldn’t go any further. I had my Elgato eyetv 250 plus hooked up to a powered USB also while I was entering my #. Somehow I feel that for the # to be recognized, I thought somehow that maybe the problem was somewhere involving putting an activation # while program was installed on ATV instead of it being installed on a normal basis on a Mac. Somehow my entry was not being noticed. I still have the program installed though. I doubt that if I put that Eyetv file on my HD attached to my USB that it will work, without the Eyetv program being properly installed through setup.
If by chance you think that I/we have missed something in my EyeTV files post, please let me know any new wrinkle on the subject. I tried my best using some of “mdtest” help
Thanks GR