EyeTV 3.0.2 and aTV Flash

I hope you can help me once more. I just tried to install eyeTV via Nitro as suggested by the instructions on how to install additional software on my appleTV. The eyeTV App also appears in the application folder - however when I try to start the app nothing will happen. I already searched the forum and found that some people reported that they use eyetv 2.5.x - but I tried to install eyeTV 3.0.2. Does anyone rund eyetv 3.0.2 on his atv flash and how did you get the application to run? Or do I have to run 2.5.x ?

Hope you can help me…


Not anyone who can help me. It is quite suprising that there are similar posts to mine but as it appears the EyeTV seems not to function properly on apple TV with atvflash. Does anyone run EYETV on an apple TV at the moment? Would be happy for a short answer!