Eye TV and aTV

I am a new user of aTV so please bear with me.  I got aTV since I was having problems transferring from EyeTv to Apple TV at times using Handbrake.  Sometimes it would transfer ok and other times not, seemly depending on what the original video content was.  So I figured that getting aTV might make this a less painful process and also more successful in terms of being able to watch what I have recorded.  But so far I have had just as much frustration.  


Anyway, is there any kind of comprehensive owners manual available for aTV?  I mean the info on this site is minimal to say the least.  All, I want to do it record things on my EyeTv and transfer painlessly to my AppleTV as well as record things from DVD to transfer.  With iTunes only it is a hit or miss thing it seems and thought that aTV would help. I do have a 1st Generation Apple TV. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this without having to spend hours and hours let me know if you would. I would appreciate it.



Yes, a number of guides for setting up and using popular features can be found at the link below.