Extremely Slow!

I just upgrado to AppleTv2.3 with aTV3.4.5, everything work sfine except is extremely slow in the menus, if i play some videos with sapphire and then try to go back to de main menus to try lo listen some music it could take up to 5 minutes just try to go to that menu, is almost unresponsive.

Has someone has an idea what is going on? I never have this issues with AppleTv2.1 and aTV3.1

Thank you

Do you happen to have Boxee/XBMC installed? Some users have seen slowdowns with either of these installed.

I didn’t install neither of thoose.

Thank you

I too have been experiencing hanging and sluggish menus since purchasing and installing ATV Flash. I do have Boxee installed. But prior to buying ATV Flash I had Boxee installed and never experienced this issue. The hangs and sluggish behavior has been very noticable.

I’m having the same issue after installing 3.5. All was good before but now menus are really slow to react. You hit the remote hear the sound of the button being pressed and then wait for ages for it to react. If it doesn’t freeze

Fixed mine by restoring factory settings and wiping the AppleTV completely before updating the Apple software and reinstalling ATV Flash.

did a fresh wipe and fresh install of 3.5, i am running extremely slow, with and without xbmc, also what happened to the un-mount options? how am i suppose to un-mount my external drives now?

What we need to do is ssh in and get a listing of running processes. Then kill off any processes that look like hogs. I’ll have to brush up my linux skills. I did notice that while it’s syncing the ATV is just about unusable. So make sure a sync isn’t running at least.

Without testing this at home, I think you do a ‘ps -al’
Find a process that looks like a hog (look for an outlier, something with a big number in a column where all the others have small numbers)
Look for something familiar, like xmbc
Note the process number, it’s the first in the row.

There’s a good description of bash commands here:

And a good description of how to kill a process here:

I hope this group isn’t a bunch of unix sysadmins, please let me know if y’all know this stuff… Just trying to help!

OK, so I used ‘ps -al’. It only showed two processes, which made me suspicious that I wasn’t getting everything. I mean, there have to be processes to even have the aTV running, right? Well as a test I loaded boxee, and ps -al now shows 3 processes, including boxee.

the two other processes are the ps -al itself, and the bourne again shell (bash) that was started when I shelled in.

everything seems to be running fast. boxee is nice, I’m off to get my music recognized by boxee…

You need to get a listing of running processes. Here is a list of the most used linux commands to list and kill the unnecessary processes