Extremely bright Subtitles in HDR content

Hi Guys,
Can we please fix the brightness of HDR subtitles? I am using grey subtitles, but they become searing white in HDR content. Quite distracting.

Or at least provide an option to use Apple TV subtitle settings?

Please advise as you see fit. Maybe I am missing something here.

No response? C’mon guys, I hardly suspect that this is something that isn’t experienced by a wider audience.

Devs, is this the way you treat the paying customers? Not even an acknowledgement of the post.

Sorry, this was posted in the suggestions area and we can’t respond to every post there.

There are a few things you can try to improve the experience in the current version.

  1. Choose Light Gray as a Subtitle color
  2. Adjust the Opacity option

Either of these should allow you to avoid pure white HDR subtitles.

Note: The appearance adjustment options are a bit limited with some subtitle types. If you don’t see any change when using either of these options, you may try downloading subtitles from OpenSubtitles (via Infuse) as these will allow for a much more control over their appearance.

Thanks for getting back to me James. So, what you had suggested is what I had already implemented, but your ‘Note’ was what fixed it for me. The subtitles included were unable to allow infuse options for transparency to even be enabled.

When I used the OpenSubtitles srt, it showed me the transparency option. So, did the trick.

In general, could we force apple subtitle options for the ones where we are unable to select infuse subtitle options? Or is it the case that if infuse can’t trigger or force the options, Apple TV can’t either.

Unfortunately, Apple’s subtitle options are only available to apps which use Apple’s basic player, which is pretty limited in its capabilities.

I see. All good James, I can always load the open subtitle srt files. I hope in future you guys can figure out a way to force infuse options on these stubborn subtitle files as well.

I think should be different settings for color with 4K HDR/DV movies and different for FHD/4K without HDR.
I mean Infuse should remember other color for FHD/4K without HDR and other for 4K HDR/DV.

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