extracting software and firmware restore failed

I tried to Jailbreak an apple tv 2nd generation.
The process was interrupted while installation was on extracting software and told me “firmware restored failed”
Now my apple tv is not seen from Itunes even when bring to dfu mode.
I probably tried to do the jailbreak with a newer version of the firmware than 5.3.
Is the device lost forever:-) Or I can recover it ? Is it possible to do some factory recovery even without Itunes ?

Thank you very much

I’m having a similar problem. I’ve been trying everything, restored via itunes, went to 6.0 and now back to 5.3 restore though Itunes just to get the atv2 back to working. But, even once restored to 5.3 I can not get past ‘firmware restore failed’ I’ve now seen a few recent posts about this, thinking we’re all stuck in the same mess…