Extra settings for continuous playback and TV seasons

Version 7.4.1 has introduced a very annoying bug when it comes to continuous playback of TV shows.

In the good old days continuous playback stopped at the end of a season. Now it just keeps going.

This is very annoying as I generally don’t want to watch more than one season of a show at a time.

Can someone please tell me why this was changed, and if there is anyway to get the previous behaviour back?


This was a requested feature that many wanted that’s why it was added.

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Not exactly a recent request. Perhaps it would have been a good idea to make it an option?


Wait, does this work with 7.4.1???

It’s partially implemented in 7.4+ but not an official feature yet, so it’s not included in the release notes.

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Just tested it and it worked like a charm!
Damn! This and custom collections… my life is complete now!
Thanks James!

Can you also please implement a preference to keep things as they were before 7.4.1?

Moved to suggestions. Thanks!

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