Extra Movie features

+1 for that features

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+1 This really is game breaking. The whole reason do rip these discs are the bonus material versus streaming services VOD only offering.

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I am so sad that this is not even on the long term roadmap for Infuse… :frowning:

Just by implementing this feature, they would have something that works better than the official Plex client, which doesn’t support subtitles for extras… Sigh

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Using the latest Infuse with Google Drive. It’s been very reliable since n my extended stay away, I’m extremely happy.

What would be great is support for extras, like Plex has. I always include extras when I buy a new Blu-ray (on my Plex server), but omit them when copying to GDrive as Infuse doesn’t support them.

Is this feature on the roadmap anytime soon?


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long term Apple TV subscriber here, +1 for movie extras, even if it’s something very simple for now like a special name for a directory and using the filenames to just display the files next to the movie/series, the new version 7 design would work very well with listing extras

Just showing the folder. With the items included would work for me.

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+1 Wish infuse would add support for an extras folder. Should be relatively simple.

Count me as another subscriber in favor of adding the option to view the contents of “Extras” subfolders from each movie’s main movie info page.

I do NOT want to see the contents of “Extras” subfolders listed individually in the main library view or anywhere else.

+1 to all above. I’m another long time Infuse user who is contemplating moving my whole library to Plex because of the lack of proper extras support for movies. In general I love the app, but this really becoming an annoying absence. Would love an update on where this is on the roadmap and when we could expect to see this rolled out. Thanks in advance!

You can see the extras in Plex, but they don’t always play at all and there’s no support for extras subtitles, so it is pretty half-assed. Note, this may have changed with their new playback engine, but it was like that for many years.

Having an extra video file in your movie folder that has the same title as the movie will at least display an extras folder if you have one.
Of course this means the listing of files will now become a listing of folders where you do this.
For me a small price to pay.


When will infuse have basic features like extras and movie thumbnails

Not sure why something this simple hasn’t been implemented

Looks pretty basic from a folder standpoint. Extras go into a folder called extras

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+1 Pretty sound idea.

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+1 Because the more the world moves to streaming, the more I’m grateful to DVDs and Blu-rays for keeping bonus content alive. I’d like Infuse to be part of the option too.

Just went on a huge file cleanup and metadata overhaul prior to installing Emby. Hoped Infuse would recognize Emby’s handling of extras and at the very least hide them from the master movie list. But not.

So add me to this list as a significant missing feature in Infuse.

@James , I know that there is a separate thread on upcoming features, but this doesn’t provide any feedback on the requested unplanned features, such as the handling of the extras.

The extras feature request is now more than four years old and it’s not even on the roadmap, although I’m sure you’ll agree that this is one of the most heavily requested features. At the same time, other features that have not generated any serious demand are being included in your development cycle.

Should we come to terms with the fact that you have no plans in the immediate future to do something about it? If you do, can you at least give us a non-committing timeframe, just to know where we stand?

If you feel like taking this a step further, would it make sense to create a new thread that addresses your plans for the say, ten most requested new features based on our votes in this forum? It doesn’t even have to provide specific dates for the features you are not planning something for; a simple “no plans for this feature” would also do.

Just my 2 cents…


Most of the suggestion threads are tagged (planned, wishlist) which helps determine if something is upcoming or not. Perhaps @james can mark this one as well

@James yeah, it’s 2022 now