Extra Movie features

+1. It’s literally my only complaint about an otherwise phenomenal piece of software.
I’m really tired of some softporn movie called deleted scenes littering my library, that or 20+ ‘versions’ of the same movie that are just the extras.
Add this feature and you’ll be quite flawless. Hope to see this in 6.0.


Really the only thing keeping me from using infuse 100%. I am not willing to move all my extras folders into another folder. Really hoped this would be added to 6. Maybe some day.

Could we please get someone from staff (not just forum moderator, as helpful as they are they can’t really help here)?

I believe Firecore tries to give good customer support and this one is really essy. The only explanation for them to ignore this for almost 2 years is that they were not notified about this issue.

Edit: I’ve contacted james directly using pm and I’m pretty sure he’ll have a look at this and try to help us. Even a simple filter like “ignore all paths where directory name equals to Featurettes or Extras would help greatly. I can’t stand seeing the cover of “Deleted Scenes” 50 times in my library.


I’m confused. I’m using Plex Server on a Mac with an AppleTV 4K. I put all my “extras” into a Folder named Featurettes (per Plex rules) and none of those extras show up in Infuse. I wonder what we are doing differently? Are you not using the Plex Server?

In fact, my only complaint about Infuse is that there is no way for me to get to those “extras” except to switch to the ATV4K Plex Client. I would like Infuse to add those extras to its movie info/start screen the way the Plex Client does.

People have been asking for this to be dealt with for years. I was personally hoping this would be solved upgrading to 6. Fingers crossed this gets addressed in the near future and not on the 7 release roadmap.

Would you clarify please? Do you see the “extras” in a Plex Featurettes folder and don’t want to, or are you complaining like me that there is no way to see them using Infuse?

Nope, I use SMB (because infuse does not support plex home users) and there is no way to hide or not scan these folders.

I don’t want anything to do with plex… I’m asking for either a way for Infuse to handle featurettes, extra’s, etc or a way to hide them from showing up in Infuse. It’s a pretty terrible user experience the way it is now. Which is either where you see multiple entries (Some of my movies have 10+ extras) for 1 movie in my list, or even worse when the metadata grabs completely random data for a file. My recently added list is filled with one movie and all it’s extras… Which is annoying to say the least.

Easiest option would be to ignore anything in the following folders, within each movie folder:

Behind The Scenes
Deleted Scenes

(from Local Media Assets - Movies | Plex Support)

That’s the minimum so they don’t interfere with the main listings. Better still would be to show them in their own section by each movie, but granted that’s more development.


OK. I’m sure you have other reasons not to use a Plex Server, but if you did use Infuse with a Plex Server you won’t see the featurettes, extra’s, etc in Infuse.

What do you mean Infuse does not support Plex “home users”? Infuse works with my Mac OS Plex Server. I guess I don’t understand what you mean by “home user”?

So you have your “extras” organized in folders following Plex rules, but don’t use a Plex Server with Infuse? If you do use a Plex Server then Infuse ignores the files in those folders.

That’s MY problem with Infuse. There is no way to get to those “extras” from Infuse when using a Plex Server. I would like the “extras” to show up in the film’s Infuse info/start screen like they do if you use a Plex Client. I have to switch back to the Plex Client to even see the “extras”.

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They probably mean a local account. Which is the same as me. We don’t want to log into a Plex account to use infuse locally. I would have little issue using plex server with a local account, but for some reason (probably due to an agreement made with plex) you must log in.

this post start on 2017 I doubt they gone do anything about it

Thanks for this. Yeah having a bunch of versions of that risque movie poster next to Moana, Coco, Frozen & other Disney movies for my kids is really not great. at all.

Thank you! I wasn’t familiar with that Plex function.

Hi, I’m not using a Plex server, don’t see a reason to if smb share works so well. I also use the share with Kodi and surprisingly there’s no problem with Featurettes there. I actually started an extra topic Library scan - exclude Featurettes but was told by a moderator to try to solve it here, even though my problem is slightly different and this topic was abandoned the way I see it.

The simplest solution to my problem would be to properly use .nomedia file to skip processing folders that contain this. Sample of why I really hate the current solution is (hopefully) attached.

I get that problem. I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do. Just thought you might not know that using a Plex Server solves that particular problem.

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I wasn’t either until I checked it out.