Extra Movie features

It’s not new new, but in the context of this 7-year discussion, it’s a newer development :smiley:

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I feel like basic features like Extras/Bonus Material for movies and tv shows should be prioritized over extremely niche use cases like Vision Pro support (which is on the decline already). :roll_eyes: The streaming servers already support extras (and movie/show versions), so it’s simply a matter of implementing it on Infuse’s side—direct play should make this even easier.

At least on Jellyfin, Infuse is the best way to connect to a JF server on Apple TV, but ironically has less features than if you pull up the web player on mobile.


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Would also like to see this. Having ability to group these features in with the movie is a big step towards recreating the menu experience of a disc without the disc or menu support.

We’re fourth highest when it comes to likes in the Suggestions forum, so we’re being exposed! :mechanical_arm: Unfortunately all the other high liked suggestions also seems to go ignored for years… :frowning:

Dolby Vision, multiple versions of movies, and trailers were three “recently” added top user requests

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Those are some good ones! Thanks for the perspective.