Extra Movie features

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They probably mean a local account. Which is the same as me. We don’t want to log into a Plex account to use infuse locally. I would have little issue using plex server with a local account, but for some reason (probably due to an agreement made with plex) you must log in.

this post start on 2017 I doubt they gone do anything about it

Thanks for this. Yeah having a bunch of versions of that risque movie poster next to Moana, Coco, Frozen & other Disney movies for my kids is really not great. at all.

Thank you! I wasn’t familiar with that Plex function.

Hi, I’m not using a Plex server, don’t see a reason to if smb share works so well. I also use the share with Kodi and surprisingly there’s no problem with Featurettes there. I actually started an extra topic Library scan - exclude Featurettes but was told by a moderator to try to solve it here, even though my problem is slightly different and this topic was abandoned the way I see it.

The simplest solution to my problem would be to properly use .nomedia file to skip processing folders that contain this. Sample of why I really hate the current solution is (hopefully) attached.

I get that problem. I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do. Just thought you might not know that using a Plex Server solves that particular problem.

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I wasn’t either until I checked it out.

I have a very old NAS, not capable of running Plex. I also like standardised solutions like simple filesharing and prefer to use 3rd party sw, that I have to maintain, only if really needed. I understand that you’re trying to help and I appreciate it. But I really don’t expect my requirement to ignore directories with .nomedia file in them as complicated. I’ve been Infuse supporter since I switched to iOS, always had the pro version and recommended it to friends and family as well. I still believe, that they will implement a fix fir this “bug”. We only need to make sure they are aware how annoying it is. James didn’t get back to me yet but I can see how he might have gotten confused because of mixing four topocs in ine thread - file sharing, plex, featurettes ignoration and featurettes support. I’d welcome a proper solution and I’m completely confident the developers at Firecore can easily handle it but I really hope to get a simple solution for my problem asap at least. If anyone else is annoyed by “Deleted Scenes”, which I assume might me as interesting topic for discussion on aTV with visitors as it was in my case, please let them know. And I’m starting to believe that contacting people from Firecore directly might get us to the goal quicker than just posting to a two years old topic.

+1. I completely agree.

+1 I agree

If support for Extras is not coming soon, please at least ignore the sub folders and don’t force us to move them.

Thanks everyone.

We’re going to look into what options we have here. The implementation may come in two phases. First would be ignoring videos like these during indexing, and the second would be being able to view a list of extras from the video details page.


Thank you james.

I’m especially thankful for the decision to split this issue into a problem fix (asap) and new feature (tba).


Thank you James. Just getting an update that it’s on the radar and hopefully getting some movement helps greatly.


+1 yes, and enable pre-roll videos.

I’d love to see more plex features added.

I am now using Plex with a lifetime Pass membership which has a new enhanced player (4k directplay) and also all trailers and extra
I am so disappointed infuse was not able to add these extra.
Goodbye Infuse !

your lifetime Plex membership is $150 and needs (unless they changed it) a Plex media server to work so no movies on holiday or during commuting
Infuse otoh works on its own and can also access media servers
the library functionality can be and is continuously being improved, developers respond to issues and fix them, all that’s needed is communication and some patience

With Plex Pass, you can individually allow to Sync media to mobile clients.
Also, this request for trailers and extra has been discussed for at least 2 years