External USB Suggestions 500GB+


I’ve got the aTV Flash working great on my system aside from the odd slow down in the menu navigation however I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions for external USB HDs that work well with the aTV. I purchased a Seagate FreeAgent 500GB drive as my external USB but any video files I playback keep pausing every few minutes during playback as the drive spins up. I’m pretty sure it’s the drive as I tried the exact same files playing back from my 250GB Western Digital My Book Passport and they playback flawlessly.

Any suggestions on what 500GB or larger USB drives people are having success with so I can buy myself a new one?


I have two 750gb western digital drives connected to my atv and never had a problem with those.

Are those the MyBook drives?

I use a LaCie 750gb. The one that looks like a black Monolith… no problems… unless I am ftp’d into the drive and transfering files over as I am watching movies. then I get 1 or 2 little micro-pauses like you mentioned.

Yeah, my drives are mybooks.

Cheers for the tips guys!

Are you using a USB hub to connect multiple drives? Very cool!!

I bought a cheap Buffalo 1TB at Frys Electronics and its working just fine.

I have a 1TB G-Force and it works like a champ.