External USB Issue

I upgraded to the latest version of ATVflash and Apple TV software and been running with no problems using external seagate freegent 1.5 TB drive. I purchased a new Seagate Freeagent 2 TB drive. I formatted the new drive as a MAC OS extended drive and copied all files and folders exactly as they were on the 1.5 TB drive. I connected the 2 TB drive to AppleTV and I cannot see the drive as mounted. Just in case there was an issue with upgrade i restored the AppleTV to factory and updated AppleTV software. Installed ATVflash again and ran SmartInstaller. I then Physically unplugged AppleTV and brought back up. Connected the 2 TB drive and still do not see the drive. Connected the 1.5 TB drive and see it still without any issues. I connected the 2 TB drive back on my mac to confirm drive and data is ok and it is.

Any suggestions?


I’m having the exact same issues with the Seagate 2TB drive. I don’t have the 1.5, so I can’t confirm your situation. I’m new to ATV Flash, and was hoping that it would just work, but no such luck. It appears that the drive is not mounted /mnt . My wife is a UNIX guru so I’ll have her look at it. BTW, the ATV sees the drive when I go through the screens to switch my external / internal (which I didn’t do, but the ATV shows the external with the name LocalMedia at 1.8TB.)

I also have a 2TB external HD (ASTONE) that my Apple TV wont detect. I’ve run aTV Flash and Smart Installer as well as powering off with the HD connected or not connect - and nothing works.

I’ve just tried a 1TB ASTONE ext HD and the AppleTV detects it and I can play movies from the HD - it works.

Are we sure the 2TB HD is supported?

I now have a problem were I can see the 1TB HD in CyberDuck but I can’t access it, meaning I can’t see the files on the HD or transfer files from the AppleTV to the HD.

Exact same problem.

Can see the new 1.5T drive in Cyberduck - but not in Nito
The other 1T, and 1.5T are both readable in Nito/Files/Boxee


Hi guys, I just replied to another post on this. I had this issue with a Maxtor 1Tb drive this afternoon. Ran the Smart Installer as suggested. Still wouldn’t work. In the end I removed the mains lead, waited a moment and plugged back in. Worked after that.

I did find that once I had started syncing the movies to it, the sound went off. Restarted and it’s been fine since.

Hope this helps.


I had the same problem. Restarting the ATV did nothing but waiting until it booted up then unplugged / plugged worked. Btw make sure your HD is formatted to HFS Extended or FAT32. NTFS is not supported.

I am having the same issue. Can anyone suggest anything else?

this is my problem "I have installed ATV V. 4.0.6… I ran the installer for nitoTV. I can not see my external USB 2tb drive. I formatted drive with my mac and copied over my folders with my movies in it. I then ran installer, rebooted machine and plugged in HD after main menu came up. When I go to nitoTV click on files I see nothing but if I go to maintenance, settings itunes storage and try to change machine to see external it sees the drive and wants to reformat it. Why is it not seeing it the other way cause I do not wanna reformat the drive and copy video back to drive. Thanks for all your help.