External USB drive power management

Hey guys,

I’ve managed to hook up a 1TB external USB drive (WD MyBook) to my AppleTV and got it recognised and all (the info screen says capacity is around 935gig so all looks good). My question is about power management.

Is there a way to configure the drive to sleep? Since I’ve basically gotta leave the external drive switched on, I’d like it to at least spin down after a while of inactivity. When I put my Mac to sleep, the drive detects this and automatically shuts down. This doesn’t seem to happen on the AppleTV - I assume its’ “sleep” (when you go to the Menu then hold the play button down) isn’t a really deep sleep.

Does anyone know how I can set something like this up, it’d greatly prolong the life of my drive (not to mention power saving).

Btw ATVFlash is great, very painless install for me so far :slight_smile: