External USB drive not showing up...

Hi, all seems to be working great. The only problem i am having is that i connected my external drive via usb and it doesn’t show up in file/places or anywhere else. I tried connecting using usb hub and even directly to apple tv box. Do i need to format the drive for mac use? The drive is currently formated to NTFS. Any help would be great! I just want to use this drive as an external hard drive and play files for apple tv. Thanks in advance for any help!

NTFS is not supported by ATV. If you are using Windows, you would need to download MacDrive 7 to reformat the drive for Mac format.

The FAT32 format can be used as well. Below is a guide for formatting a drive in FAT32 in Windows.

But isnt 4GB the limit for FAT32? Not unless you are ok to have hundreds of 4GB partitions, I wouldnt used FAT32 specially most DVDs are at 8GB range

The maximum partition size of FAT32 is 8TB, the file size limit is 4GB.

When ripping a DVD the VIDEO_TS folder may be 7 or 8GB, but the files inside are much smaller, usually only a few hundred MBs each.

You shouldn’t have any problems using the FAT32 format.