External USB drive - how do you load media to it?

I have an external USB drive connected to my AppleTV, I can see it fine, but it’s empty. I have tried using Cyberduck to load media to it, but FTP just sees the drive as a link, not an actual storage location.

How do you load ( or for that matter change media once loaded) to the external USB disk while connected to the AppleTV?


The drive will be accessible through the Movies folder when connected via FTP. Clicking this folder link will allow you browse the contents and transfer new media to the drive.

In Cyberduck I have the same problem, I see the external USB drive as a link. But in Interarchy the USB drive shows as a folder in the Movies folder that I can navigate and manipulate.

Having same problem. Have new Lacie 2TB drive. Formatted with LaCie software into Macintosh system. I don’t see the drive as a link and not in the movie folder using cyberduck. Thanks for your help

Why can’t you just disconnect the AppleTV, then disconnect the USB drive, plug it into your computer and add more content to it?

What am I missing and/or not understanding?

You can. Nothing is stopping you (although when I did it I ran into “permission” problems when I later tried to delete those files via Cyberduck).

Unless I too am missing something I think it’s mainly a matter of convenience. I keep my drives tucked away behind the TV. It’s a fairly big deal to pull them out (especially if the wife is watching her shows). I add new content everyday. It’s much easier to access the drives from the network.

I can’t see the external drive either when connecting with Cyberduck either. Once the drive is located with the ATV it will be a pain to disconnect everytime to add a movie if this isn’t corrected.

Is your drive being connected before or after the AppleTV is powered on? If you’re disconnecting the drive while the AppleTV is powered on it should first be unmounted.

To unmount the drive (so it can be disconnected while the AppleTV is still powered on) highlight the drive in the nitoTV > Files menu. Press the left arrow (<<) button and the drive will disappear from the list. It can now be safely disconnected.

It is connected before powering on the ATV