External subtitles with no language code

My external subtitles are named for example: “The Matrix.eng.srt” yet on the Apple tv in the drop menu the subs show as “The Matrix.srt”. No indication of language type. Is there something im doing wrong?

I’m not sure but you may want to try following the examples here Using Subtitles – Firecore under the “Using local subtitles” section.

Looks like you should be using “The Matrix-en.srt” instead of “The Matrix.eng.srt”

It appears that infuse is looking for a 2 character language code. I’d say give that a try.

Thank for the suggestion but that also didn’t work. The subtitles work I just cant tell which is which.

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using Plex?

Yes I’m using Plex.


This is in fact a Plex specific quirk that we are currently looking into.

Good to know it’s being looked into.Thank you for the quick reply.

This has been fixed for the upcoming 5.7.4 update. :slight_smile:

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