External subtitles overlap not working


Both on iPhone and iPad (both latest version of iPadOS and iOS), when I stream from my Plex media server using Infuse the external subtitles overlapping timestamps do not work.

Here is an example of the external subtitle:

00:09:39,800 → 00:09:43,810
[Sanji szobája előtt]

00:09:40,290 → 00:09:41,390
Hol van Sanji?

As you can see the timestamps overlap, however, line 153 dissappears at the starting timestamp of line 154, and does not appear after the ending timestamp of 154, even though 153 should be on the screen for a longer period of time.

This is quite frustrating when subtitles should tell you the location of the scene, or the info about a certain character, but it only appears for a split second.

Is there a way to have both lines displayed on the screen at the same time?

Thanks in advance!

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