External subs

Hello. I am trying to play a movie with external subs from a usb device. Although the movie is playing fine the external subs are not recognized. Is there something I miss or is not supported?

Can you confirm that the subtitles have the same file name but different extension from the video?

Yes I confirm. The movies are copies from my Plex library. Example Avatar.mkv and Avatar.el.srt

I assume you turned on subtitles for the movie in the playback menu? And that the subtitles are in the same directory as the movie?

In the playback menu under subs it says none. And yes the subs are in the same folder with the movie

This is strictly just a curiosity question on my part, since Infuse usually looks for a year after movie names and a S0xE0x after a tv show maybe try naming the movie
“Avatar 2009.mkv”
and the sub as
“Avatar 2009 el.srt”

Just as a quick test. Probably won’t make a difference but I’ve had it matter elsewhere when you wouldn’t think it would.

Ok I’ll try it but This is a no go for my collection, too many movies. If I move the same files inside the infuse folder on my ipad it works just perfect. The issue is when it reads the files from the usb directly