External PGS & SUP subtitles

Does infuse support external PGS subtitle? I tried to name subtitle file with *.sup or *.pgs, but can’t be recongasnzied.

Or it only supports embed PGS subtitle?


Those extensions aren’t supported right now, but it probably wouldn’t be too hard to add since PGS subtitles are already supported if embedded.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone with external PGS subtitles before though. :wink:

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Please, add support for external IDX/SUB pairs. Thnx a lot! Tomas

Better add support for SRT support for BD/UHD folder :slight_smile:

consider support sup subtitle

hope support SUP subtitle format,it can bring special effects :innocent:

The latest version cannot use external subtitles (.sup)

I know that .SUP is a bitmap file.
Maybe they need to be remuxed.

That’s all I got.

Hope infuse will consider external .sup and PGS support.
I know English guy probably won’t ever notice, but there’s a lot of subtitle only available in .sup format in Chinese community.

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It’s been so many years, and they still didn’t make the sup. subtitles supported. Maybe it’s not much of an issue to them just like any other video player developers. I’m afraid you have to embed it into the video.