External HDD


just bought a WD 2T.B external drive.

I chose to do the external drive storage aTV option, but when the drive is found it only says Atv (the name of the drive) 1.8GB, how do I manage for it to say 1.8TB? I have formatted it via mac, journaled…


We have a guide for setting up an external drive as primary storage (for iTunes sycning) here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=USB_Storage#Option_2:_USB_as_Primary_Storage

I am having the same issue, although if I SSH into the AppleTV and run diskutil list it shows as a 1.8TB (which is close enough I guess)

However the issue I am seeing is despite following the instructions to setup the 2TB as primary storage iTunes is still showing my primary storage at 144GB.

Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of maybe partitioning the drive into 2 x 1TB partitions but then that means AtvFlash doesn’t support 2TB like the FAQ’s say

Do you know the format of the drive you are using? This issue can occur if the drive is formatted in NTFS format.

The drive was formatted as a Mac OS X Extended (journaled) using a GUID partition table.

I just got my setup working correctly last night.

I seem to recall that the size of my 2 TB Western Digital drive is being reported as 1,800 GB.

What I did was…

  1. download the Western Digital Web site utility that allowed me to disable the “Virtual CD” that was on my model of drive.
  2. use my Mac’s “Disk Utility” program to create ONE (1) partition on my drive; it only wanted ONE (1) partition.

I also…

  1. Restored the Apple TV to factory settings and then UPGRADED to the latest 3.0.2 software
  2. Installed ATV Flash being very careful to follow the instructions to the letter.

I think one step in the instructions that might present problems for some users is failing to SYNC the Apple TV with iTunes immediately prior to installation of the external USB drive.

I’m using my external USB drive as PRIMARY.