External HDD via USB to Airport Extreme via WiFi to ATV. How to add in XBMC?

I’ve been reading that most people connect the External Hard Disk to the ATV via ethernet and are able to see it in XBMC through the Airport Extreme. But for me it is almost impossible to do it like that, so I’m wondering if there is a way the ATV can see the External HDD via WIFI connected like this: External Hard Disk connected via USB to the Airport Extreme and the ATV connected via WiFi to the Airport Extreme?

I followed instructions in a PDF that someone posted here but I think he was referring to the ethernet route, but he didn’t specify.

Please let me know if this is possible because it is driving me nuts.


alexisl, my set up is  a hard drive connected via usb to airport extreme and using wireless. with ATV2. No problems for Firecore media player, Last FM. XBMC is not a priority for me. it does not work well with video_ts or mkv files, although I have not tried it for awhile. May have been a minor update to XBMC since then.  I don’t play with the nightly updates. But with Firecore, wireless is working as it should.

Joseph thanks, I did as you suggested and it works :slight_smile: but I need XBMC because it has support for subtitles. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

new media player from firecore does subtitles. so, if xmbc is working, firecore player should to IMHO.

Joseph I’ going to check it out later today. I’ve been busy :confused: Thanks mate

alexisl, are you from England or Australia? Most who call me mate are from Oz. I have been there. 

Hello Josef.
Sorry for my English wrong. I am Brazilian!
My ATV2 not find my external drive (Flash Drive) and I can not add it in XBMC or any other player.
Can you help me?
What can I do to open my files are on external hard drive (flash drive) plugged directly into a USB port ATV2?

Thank you!

You canot put a flash drive into ATV2. The usb is only for a micro cable for jailbreaking.