External HDD Support not working?

Hey Guys.

Just downloaded the ATV flash software this morning and i’m loving it so far.

I’m trying to see up an external HDD as a secondary storage for some ripped bluray movies but i’m having some trouble with ATV not regocnizing the drive is there.

The drive in question is a 1.5tb Iomega Prestige Desktop Hard Drive.

Will the apple TV play the .MKV files i have on the drive?

When i plug the drive into my computer i can see all the movies on the drive, but ATV won’t even ackknowledge the drive plugged in when i switch it over?

Any suggestions would be great

What format is your drive currently in? The AppleTV will only support Mac OS (HFS+) and FAT32 formatted drives. If your drive is formatted in NTFS you can reformat it in FAT32 by following the guide here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Troubleshooting#AppleTV_is_Not_Recognizing_My_External_Drive