External HD support not really as advertised

I’m a bit let down at the moment. After dropping $50 on this program, I assumed that enabling the USB support for external drives meant that when I hooked up my 1TB mybook, I would have the same user experience as if they were streamed or synced. I figured I could go to “my movies” and it would scan the internal and external for content. as lee corso says, “not so fast my friend.”

Instead, I have to go to DVD>FILES>EXTERNAL DRIVE>MOVIES FOLDER>DISC TITLE.MP4. now, disctitle.mp4 shows up as a generic file. There’s no artwork. there’s no story summary. I didn’t waste my time with MetaX to lose all of that information. Yes, I understand that you can download a movie poster and label it disc title.jpg and it will show up. There are two problems with that: (1) I shouldn’t have to, and (2) now I have a bunch of .jpg files sitting on the drive even though the movie file already has the artwork. Even if I was okay with this, i get big green rectangles flashing around and then it starts playing. there’s also some tracking icons that show up on the screen when you skip chapters. I think the quality is also a little degraded. elf definitely did not look the same (one of the movies i tested).

Does anyone know if there is a planned fix so that the external usb content will look like synced or streamed media? I saw there was a thread about doing a bunch of work in terminal to make an alias, but I couldn’t tell if that’s going to get me what i want. Also, I almost never use terminal and have no idea what any of the language suggested means.

You actually can download and populate the metadata automatically through the Media (Sapphire) plugin. This will download quite a bit of info automatically from the IMDB database. It will also categorize your media as a Movie, TV Show etc… With your external drive connected, just navigate to Media > Import All Data.

i already have the data tagged with metax, which pulls from imdb (iirc). are you saying i’ll now have to import it all again, so the file will have two sets of metadata?

I don’t believe Sapphire will actually add metadata to the files. It simply organizes the media, and references the metadata for each file.

It’s all done automatically through the ‘import all’ option under Media (Sapphire). You may be asked a few questions during the data import.