external hd stopped working - please help


I’ve been using an external hd for movies for several months with no problems (mac os format).

The other day I went to access it via nitoTV>Files as normal and get the “Empty Folder” message.

I’ve tried restarting the AppleTV - if I do this with the hd connected instead of starting up as normal I get several scrolling screens of error messages.

If I start it up without the hd attached it starts as normal (in colour) but attaching the hd still has no effect.

I’ve tried different cables and also my backup hd (which also previously worked perfectly) but still have the same problem.


I have nitoTV 0.9.5 (take three)

Apple TV software versiion 3.0.2 

and have re-run the smart installer today to try to fix the problem


Please can you advise me on what to try next!