External HD Setup Question

i would like to know how you setup so that the media on the external HD comes up in the standard Apple TV menus (Movies, TV Shows etc).

To do this you can set the external drive up as primary storage. More info can be seen here: http://support.firecore.com/entries/259297-using-an-external-usb-drive-for-storage

Please help!

I have an external drive set-up. Is it possible to use the standard “my movies” to access all of my movie media or do I have to either use Sapphire or NitoTV? If it is possible to use the standard my movies on the ATV where can I FTP the movie files to that folder, in other words what is the folders name when I look for it on Cyberduck?



Unfortunately the only content that can appear under the My Movies tab is content that has been synced through iTunes. Sorry.