External HD primary problems

when i turned my external into primary…(2tb hd)…during reboot of appletv all it did was give me fail messages and wouldnt restart appletv…i had to factory restore the appletv and reinstall atvflash to use atv flash again…can u help me with this problem…

What type of drive are you using? Is it being used as primary or secondary storage?

i made a mistake with the first post…it is a 1tb hitachi hd…is was an internal hd that i put into an external enclosure…i had it as secondary but when i switched it to primary is when i started having the restart of apple tv failures…

Do you know the format before it was switched to primary?

I’ve had the same problem too when selecting an ‘external’ hard drive for iTunes?! Bloody annoying having to restore to factory settings everytime!!

I’ve been connecting a 1Tb Verbatim. I’ve tried several times now and have formatted the 1Tb hard drive, following the instructions on the aTV support pages. I’ve formatted as ‘Mac OS Extended’ and ‘MS-DOS (FAT)’ through my Mac (both of which took 9 hours!) but neither make any difference.

I’m scared to try it again, but without the usb hard drive extention, ATV and aTV Flash are useless to me!

HELP !!!

Do you know if the drive has any pre-installed security software?

No I don’t believe it does.

Wouldn’t formatting it twice erase such software anyway?

I decided to go ahead and buy a new external since i was trying to use an internal hd in an external hd enclosure. I bought a wd 1tb hd and formated it to fat32 and then switched it to primary and it worked smoothly and restarted apple tv fine. That was my solution to the problem. Thanks for everyones help and maybe this will help others. Just make sure the hard drive is empty and that u format it to fat32 before u hook it up to the apple tv. Then switch it to primary. And also maybe you should post and have everyone send you what hd they have to make a list of what is known to be compatible with atv flash so everyone knows what to buy or if they have one that is know to work so they don’t run into the same problems i and others are running into. Just a suggestion.

Thanks again