External HD Attached to Apple TV

Hey Everyone,

I just purchased ATV Flash for the first time. Up till now I’ve streamed all my media from an external HD attached to an Airport Extreme over a wireless network. The drive is mounted on my MacBook Pro, iTunes is turned on and everything works ok.

I figured, and I could be wrong that I would enable the USB Port using ATV Flash and attach the External HD directly to the Apple TV. Then change the media folder location in iTunes to the external HD attached to the Apple TV.

So this is what I’ve done so far; (by the way I’m running Apple TV 2.4, iTunes 9.01 and ATV Flash 3.6.4)

Installed ssh, perian etc
Installed ATV Flash 3.6.4
Used the smart installer to enable the USB Port

Everything works fine and I can either use the drive internally or externally, but I can’t mount the drive on my MacBook Pro the alias in the Movies Folder is greyed out. I can use the alias through ftp software such as cyberduck but not through finder.

So I suppose my question is - “Can I use the external HD connected directly to apple tv as the media location for iTunes i.e. go into iTunes and change the location of the media folder to the external HD?” and “If not what other method could I use other then syncing as this doesn’t make sense as I would need to keep the files both on my computer and the apple tv”

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MONKEY ASS :mrgreen:

Even a simple yes or no would do. :wink:

Unfortunately no. iTunes will not be able to access the media on the external drive connected to the AppleTV. The AppleTV will store media differently than iTunes, so even if iTunes were able to access it the folder structure would be different than what iTunes expects.

You could revert to your original method of having the drive connected to the AirPort and using that as iTunes storage. The only drawback here would be the computer would need to be on to play media on the AppleTV.

Thanks for the response :smiley: I’ve decided to use aTV Flash to enable the USB port to connect my 1TB mybook external HD and use it as the internal HD for the Apple TV. Syncing all my media over to it now…

One more question; If I stop syncing say the movies in iTunes does this delete all the movies on the apple tv or do they stay there? Same if I stopped syncing the Music or TV Shows. And then if I turn syncing back on does this delete them and iTunes starts syncing from scratch or does it just carry on from were it was?


Monkey Ass :mrgreen:

Yes, if you decide to uncheck the movies, tv shows, music or other options in iTunes, the next time the AppleTV syncs the media will be removed. If you decide to sync it again, it will recognize the files that are already present and will only copy over what is missing.