External Harddrive

Hello i have installed atv and activated the posibility to use an external harddrive. With NitoTV and XBMC I can navigate an select movies. I also can via ftp (Windows) transfer Movies to the external USB Harddrive. The problem is that I can not set the external USB Hardrive as primary drive. He doesn’t find the external Disc. When I connect an USB Stick it woks. When I connect my Seagate Freeagent 500GB (FAT32) it is not recognised. Can sombebody help me please. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Claus

Nobody has this problem? How can I resolve it? Thank you very much! Regards Claus

I just had this same issue but have fixed it. I ran the Nito Smart Installer, but it wouldn’t find the drive. In the end I removed the power cord and then plugged it back in. After that it found the drive.

Hope this helps


Same issue, I hooked up an external drive and it would not be recognized, tried all those steps and same issue. Reformatted the drive and tried these steps and it DID work!! Loaded all my movies onto the external and hooked it up again… NOW it does NOT see it again!!! Did the steps above … still wont see it… i’m racking my brain… it worked fine before I loaded all my movies…

Is your drive being disconnected while the AppleTV is powered on? If so, it should be unmounted prior to disconnecting it.

To unmount the drive, highlight it in the nitoTV → Files menu and press the left arrow (<<) button.