External Harddrive TOO SLOW

I have a 1TB Harddrive that I was given by my friend and I Attached it to my appletv . Firstly it slows down the appletv like crazy. Sometimes it freezes it . LAG is crazy. secondly if i do get to go inside the drive from nitotv and play a file it plays for about 4 seconds and completely lags playback . Can someone tell me what’s going on? is it just the drive itself that slow or maybe the external case usb . I also should add that if I connect it to my laptop and play something from it, It plays flawlessly.

What type of files are you attempting to play?

Some drives are faster than others, but in most cases as long as the drive is USB 2.0 you should be fine.

I’m trying to play .avi files , .mkv files ,hmmm I think that’s about it . i found that if i respring/restart finder and wait like 15 min or so it speeds up alot. is there a tweak or something out there? I was thinking maybe it was the drive that was just slow

You may check to ensure all items are up-to-date through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu.