External Harddrive Syncing from iTunes???

Hey everyonoe… Im new to the apple TV world, but I love ATVflash and I think im beginning to grasp how things work… From what i have seen on different wikis there is a way to patch the apple TV to use your USB external hard drive as your main storage. Now, maybe it already is and I have missed it somehow, and if so, sorry for wasting your time. So far, I have only been able to update the movies on my ATV using cyberduck.

Sadly I am running leopard on an Intel Mac, but I have no copy of Tiger, so im not able to follow in the instructions on the awkwardTV wiki without a little guidance…

If anyone could advise me. That would be amazing. Thanks!

Unfortunately you wont be able to utilize an external drive for the Apple TV primary storage. There was a way to do this on the original (1.0) version of the Apple TV, but not in the newer versions.

You can enable USB drives as secondary storage by following this guide.


Does this process require and intel based mac or can it be done with a power pc based mac running 10.4.11?



You can use ANY external drive for the AppleTV, in fact you don’t have to patch the aTV for it.

Connect the external drive to your Mac (USB/Firewire or network) and start iTunes with ALT pressed.
Create a new library on the external HD and put all your movies in it.

I have switched my aTV back to the original firmware and use an external firewire 1TB drive for all movies. (the only drawback is that I have to reencode most movies to mp4, with Turbo 264 it is fast and you won’t notice your Mac is doing the conversion)
but at least everything is stable :slight_smile:
My original iTunes library is on the internal Mac drive and I keep it organised , the so called aTV library on the external HD is only for movies I watch 1x , after that I delete the movie.

If you want to switch back to the original iTunes library … quit iTunes on the Mac , start again with ALT pressed and choose the library in ~/Music/iTunes.