External Hard Drives

Ok. So I am having a few issues with external hard drives and Nito TV.

I ran the installer and the mplayer codecs and everything worked fine. I was able to access my external hard drive and watch movies files off of it.

My problem has been with trying to get Nito TV to recognize multiple external Hard drives. I have two 1 TB drives plugged into the Apple Tv right now and Nito TV will only recognize the first one. I wrote ATV flash technical support and they suggested that I unmount the first drive to try and access the second one. And that actually worked. Nito Tv immediately recognized the second 1TB external drive and I was able to access it and play movie files.

However that is when I developed a new problem.

Since I had unmounted the first drive to access the second drive I assumed (and yes I know what they say about assumptions) that I would need to unmount the second drive to access the first again. BIG MISTAKE. Nito TV will no longer recognize either drive now. I have tried unplugging the drives and plugging them back in individually and also together. All while unplugging the Apple TV and restarting it. Nothing works. Sapphire and Places both recognize the drives and allow me to access them but when I click on files in Nito TV nothing happens.

I would really like to avoid having to reset and re install the atv flash every-time I want to access a different hard drive.

Can anybody help me get these drives re mounted and recognizable in NITO TV?