External Hard Drive

Ok, I am sure this has been covered but i am not sure I found the answer I wanted or understood. Here is what I want to do tell men if I understand how all this works correctly. I have a 1st generation Apple TV that I would like to connect to an external hard drive so I can increase the size of the movies and such I have. here is the part I am not sure about. I want to run it our at my vacation cabin that has no internet or anything like that. I want to bring it home do all; that needs to be done the take it out there and just be able to watch all the files on there here and there. The apple TV will not be hooked up to a a computer. Will this work?


Full details on setting up and using external USB drives can be found here.

Will this work for ATV2 running ATV Flash black? If not is there a USB storage solution directly for the ATV2? Thx.

Unfortunately the ATV2 does not support USB drives. Sorry.