External Hard drive

Before you respond with “use the search”, I have searched up and down the internet and cannot get a specific answer. My question is simple. I want to connect a external hard drive to my apple tv Gen 2, and have the external loaded with all my movies so that the ATV can stream directly from my External. I have found info on this subject that relates to the first gen apple tv, but cannot not a specific article on this that says ATV GEN 2. Any help would be appriciated.

It is unlikely this will ever be possible, because as far as I kbnow the ATV2 can only act as a USB Slave.  To support an extternal hard disk it needs to act as a USB master.

Just to clarify, this was possible with ATV Gen 1 correct?

I hooked up my external hard drive to my Apple Time Capsule Wifi unit and it streams to my appletv just great. I use the media program to get to the data on the drive. It works fine.