External Hard Drive

Have recently installed aTV, run the smart installer, seemed to work fine, but have not been able to find my external hard drive when plugged in. It is a seagate 2TB. Just wondered if there is something simple I am missing as to why its not there it has been formatted for mac. Can anyone please help??
Thanks in anticipation

i have the same issue with a powered external 1 tera, i run the smart installer and nothing

Are you using a Mac or PC? Was the AppleTV re-ran after running the Smart Installer?

Still cannot find hard drive, have tried running smart installer again, and either connecting the hard drive before Apple TV starts up or during, but nothing. I look for the HD in Files under nito TV, is this correct? or is there anywhere else it could be? Not sure why this is not working, and is the main reason I got Apple TV so I can put my DVD collection on a HD and watch through the apple TV. My computer is a mac, and the HD is an external powered 2TB seagate formatted for mac.
Would be really grateful for any help on the subject.

I am having the same problem, I am currently testing trying to make the drive the primary storage device using these instructions: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=USB_Storage#Option_2:_USB_as_Primary_Storage

It seems to have mounted the drive currently, but is copying about 100gb of stuff in the process. Will have to wait now I guess, but will turn it back to internal when it has finished.

Seems a bit of a pain way to do it… but will let you know the outcome

Hi again.

Just to let you know, this worked fine for me… I turned the primary storage back to internal and deleted all the files within the drive that were copied.

The only other thing I really had to do was create a symbolic link to the root of the mounted volume in the ~/Movies directory

Currently copying my old DVD rips over, and works a treat!

My HD was recognised as external media when making it the primary storage but cannot play any files and apple TV now does not work. Beginning to think I should not have bothered with this at all has been a lot more hassle than its worth, its supposed to be simple to use, and I admit i’m no computer genius, but cannot seem to use it for anything.

Have got it working again, was just a little fed up. Again HD shows as external media under nito TV but does not have any files to play that I have put on there, and they are ripped using iskysoft DVD to work with Apple TV. Can anyone tell me if I’m doing something wrong please???

How were the files copied to the hard drive? If you’re connecting the drive to your computer you will want to play any media files you wish to view in the ‘External Media’ folder located on the drive.