External Hard Drive

The drive is currently formatted as an exfat drive. It is a Samsung t5 2tb drive. When I plug it in other apps are able to locate it and access it without a problem. But when I open infuse 6 pro and add files it is unable to locate it. Can any offer any advice or work around.

What are you plugging it in to?

An 11” iPad pro 2019

I don’t think Infuse can read from hard drives plugged into iOS devices. I think there’s only a few USB sticks that are currently certified to work with Infuse.

Edit to add: Like the iXpand Flash Drive

Although it is allowed by Apple, Infuse currently does not support opening videos or folders from external drive within the app even though via the Apple file integration. But opening videos from external drives can be achieved by a less convenient way.

In the Apple file app, long press on the file you want to open with infuse. Click share and click open with infuse. And you will be redirected to infuse. Click play to play the video.

Do you happen to know when and if infuse will allow this feature? I would really like to be able to open a folder natively in the app without doing a work around.

I told them before that it is possible as I saw another iOS video player doing it. They said they will have a look.

Do you guys know if it’s supported now natively using ipad pro usb-c ?


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There have been no announcements on support for other than the iXpand Flash Drive as far as I know. There’s a thread here Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21) that show what new features are on the plan for upcoming releases.

thank you, appreciate the quick feedback