External Hard drive – syncing and migrating questions

Hello all,

I am new to both Apple TV and ATV flash, the whole install process was painless and I am up and running using the external as the primary drive. Now I am working however I have a few questions:

  • Now I am using the external drive as the primary drive is the internal one redundant? It is 40gb that I’d quite like to use but as far as I can tell I cannot.
  • I did an initial sync to the external drive but as we have videos it took hours. Moving forward could I just unplug the HD, plug it into my mac and drag over new files? Or do I have to sync every time?
  • If I decide to change the hard drive at a later date (which I probably will) can I use something like superduper or carbon copy cloner to migrate to the new drive or is it more complicated than that?

Many Thanks


Also, I am using a western digital passport portable hard drive which obviously does not have it’s own power source.

Has anybody experienced any issues using portable drives rather than a proper powered one? No issues so far for me but just wondering.