External Hard Drive Problem

I purchased ATV Flash and have installed it. I attached my ‘My Book’ external hard drive and it appears under the NitoTv => Files entry as WD SmartWare. However, when I select that item I don’t see the folders I copied to it from my Windows XP laptop. Instead I see items like DriveUnlock.app, Extras, User Manuals - MacOS, WD SmartWare, WD SmartWare.app. Why am I unable to browse this external hard drive the same way I can when it’s attached to my Windows XP laptop?

Does some sort of MAC OS installation have to be done? I don’t own a Mac (other than this AppleTV).

I’m stuck. Can you help?

The drive may be formatted in an NTFS format. Your best option may be to re-format it in a FAT32 format.


Yes, I’m following this help doc that you recommended. However while it’s connected and while I’m browsing the drive using NitoTv => Files, I only see the folders I mentioned about. I do not see the ‘Steve’ directory I created on the drive when it was attached to my Windows XP laptop. I know it’s there, but I’m only seeing Western Digital (WD) folders.

Now I’m trying to determine how I can tell if my WD drive is formatted as Fat32 or something else that may not be compatible. Any suggestions for determining this?

Any other suggestions?

Ahh ok. The WD software can often times cause issues such as this. Your best option may be to remove it.