external hard drive connection

I upgraded to apple 3.01 and atv 4.01…connected my external WD 160 gig hard drive that has my movies…went to import the files and nothing shows up…appreciate any help.
is there a different process to view the content of the external HD.

You may need to run the Smart Installer (http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Smart_Installer). This is required anytime the AppleTV system software is updated.

I already did that…It will read my USB flash drive ( 8 gig ) but not the larger 160 gig drive. May the problem lies in the format of the larger drive. Its NTFS as opposed to FAT 32 ??? I tried to re-format the larger drive, but keep getting a message …“volume to large to reformat”…
So how does one reformat a 160 gig external hard drive to FAT32?..