External hard disk and wifi streaming

 I have a couple of pre-purchase questions. I guess these are not new, but couldn't find all answers yet..  so here goes;

Can i set up the system (Apple TV Silver + aTV flash) with;

- video files in external hard disk drive connected to ATV via USB  cable

       - Can this be watched in iTunes library ('Movies' section) if it's supported format?

       - Can this disk shared with Mac/ PC via wifi? I sometimes want to check the contents from my study using Mac Book Pro.

- music files in external hard disk drive connected to Airport Extreme

       - Can this be played in iTunes library ('Music' section)?




1. Yes an external drive can be used to store your video files. You can use the external drive for iTunes syncing, or for non-iTunes media.

2. If using the drive for iTunes syncing, all iTunes media will appear in the same way it does now (I.E. in Movies, Music, Photos etc menus). Non-iTunes media will need to be accessed through a separate menu.

3. Unfortunately the AppleTV is not able to stream media to other devices.

4. Music (and video) files will need to be stored on the AppleTV or an attached external USB drive to be accessed through the standard AppleTV menus.