External Drive syncing

OK… Mine has been syncing for about 3 hours now… I had about 15 gigs of content to move over, but I’m wondering how long this should take??

Can anyone out there just tell me to chill a while because It’ll take a few more hours before I try to figure it out? Or should it be done by now?

I had about 40 gigs. I tried to do it wireless at first but that would have taken forever. I finally hooked ATV to my mac directly with cable. Still took quite a while. Strange thing is it would just stop from time to time and I would have to reboot ATV to get it going again.

Are you guys sync-inf this via iTunes? Do your movies on the external HD show up under “movies” in the main menu?

Yes that sounds normal. Syncing via iTunes can take some time, especially if you are connected via wifi.

As it turns out that external drive crapped out… I think something is physically wrong.

I’ll try again with a new one…