External drive on Time Capsule, from Media player

Can anybody see/access the external drive connected to a TC from the new Media Player? I can only see the main drive, but there doesn't seem to be any way to drill down to the external drive share in the UI.

I can do this in XBMC, though every now and then (pretty sure every day) the drive becomes unreachable until I switch on my Macbook and connect it from there. Once I do that, I can reach it from XBMC too. I was hoping to blame it on the SMB implementation in TC and rely on AFP in Media Player, but can't seem to try that yet.

ow did you even get it to see the main drive? what is the username and password?

The username/password is the same that you entered when you setup the AirPort disk in AirPort Utility.

Yeah, no issue with passwords whatsoever, that works fine. I can see the player logging into my TC in the Airport logs. Just no love with the external drive. Won't show up at all.

OK, apparently I was missing an important piece of the puzzle. Time Capsule will only provide access to drives over AFP, which are formated with HFS. FAT-formatted drives won't show up on AFP at all (just SMB). Once I attached a HFS-formatted drive, it showed up in Media Player all right.

Hmm, thanks for the feedback. We'll look into this.