External Display - Freezes when screen off

I use my iPad with a USB C hub that has HDMI out to a large monitor.
the iPad works fine as a “Cloned” display normally.
I do this so that i can also use a USB DAC and my good headphones, since the Apple TV has no USB support.

When i use a video player app such as Infuse, the video only plays via the external display though, so i guess something is programmed so that when full screen video is play, it only uses the external display for the video, and leaves the player controls, and background image etc on the ipad display.

I notice that I have to leave the iPad screen on in order for the video to play on the external display.
If i lock the ipad (to turn off its display) the image freezes on the external display while the audio continues to play in the background. I can turn on the ipad display by tapping it or press the power button, and it shows its lock screen with the media control widget thing showing, the video on teh external display continues, but as soon as the ipad display turns off again, external display freezes again.

Is there a setting or way to fix this so that I can have the ipad display off and use just the external display for playback?

Concerned about display burn in leaving it on with static text display for ~2hrs if i watching a movie or something. I have been setting the display to min brightness, but still a concern to me.

Any input?

Hi there guys

I noticed, that when you connect the lightning to HDMI adapter and connect an external display, the movie is been played on the external display but the iPhone display itself needs to be turned on all the time. If you turn off the iPhone display the audio keeps playing but the video stops (freezes).
I couldn’t find any settings or help here in the forum if this is normal or not.

Any help / advice here?
I am using Infuse Pro, latest updated version on iOS, iPhone 14 Pro Max

As en example: NPlayer as a player does play it perfectly fine. You turn off the display and everything keeps working on the external display.

Thanks a lot,

It been 2 months or so since i posted about this topic…since there been zero response, I can only assume that it is expected behavior.

At least Infuse works for external display. Plex does not. Never heard of NPlayer.
My iPad is now on 16.1 release, and there has been a few updates to Infuse since i posted, and it still requires the ipad display to be on inorder for playback to work on the external display.

yeah it’s really a bummer, that no one noticed it yet or has given you an update about it. I guess not a lot of people are needing this feature. I am using my Nreal Air glasses with the iPhone, watching some movies on them. For that having the need to always have the display turned on is a bummer.

NPlayer is amazing. A lot of features. I think they even have a free player but the “paid” one is absolutely worth it. Plays everything, has great access to your NAS system. I love Infuse for it’s “plex style”, sorting all the movies and tv shows for me, but if I want to watch something on an exernal display I use Nplayer for now until Infuse does sort this one out.

I have exactly same problem. I am using iphone 13 pro max with nreal air glasses. Everything works, except this problem. When I lock screen (to save battery) video freezes. Also it not possibly even to adjust brightness to use less battery power.

I purchase PRO version of infuse 7, but it not fixed this problem. I switched on “play in background”, but it also not helps.
Developer of Infuse 7, please help!!! Your paid customers asking for your help!